Cybersecurity Governance

Implementing an effective and comprehensive governance framework is important as growing Cloud environments and IT infrastructures become more complex. A constant challenge attributed to keeping Cybersecurity objectives a mission essential function.

Information Risk Management (IRM)

To be effective, organizations requires a broad understanding of risk management, it’s scope, boundaries, and the fundamentals concepts, e.g., continuous monitoring.

Risk Management Framework (RMF)

A methodology with monitoring, approving, and reporting capabilities, to prevent damage to, protection of, and restoration of organization IT assets, including information contained therein to, ensure availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.

Cloud Computing & Security

A growing paradigm of services and strategies of shared resources relies heavily on operational processes. Our highly skilled security professionals balanced the need for robust sets of security capabilities, complementing the innovation through optimization of virtualization functions.

Software and Application Security

Applications are seldom static as content is continually altered. Even the simplest of changes could introduce a flaw that could be exploited to compromise the security of the application, its data, or its execution environment.

Continuity of Operations (COOP) & Disaster Recovery

Building a comprehensive Continuity of Operations capability as well as retaining responsibility to oversee the process required to implement, validate, test and maintain a suitable continuity capability of services.

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