Why us?

D&A Technologies, Government Solutions (D&A TechGS) is a 8a Certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) company, dedicated in providing, proven, unparalleled, and successful Cyber Security and Risk Management support services. Leveraging challenging technologies to protect and secure critical Platform Information Technologies (PIT), Systems, Networks, and Enterprise Infrastructures. We provide our customers with a higher degree of professionalism and cost efficient services. Our workforce consists of professional Subject Matter Experts (SME) of various talents, highly skilled with institutional knowledge, supported by years of level-experiences resulting from multiple security classification platforms.

Our Mission:

To successfully “Assess and Authorize” (A&A) challenging Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructures at multiple security-levels, domains and enclaves!

Our Goal:

To become a “trusted partner”, working closely with customers, clients, and industry security professionals, providing technical leadership support services, with a constant and deliberate commitment of ethical and integrity performance. It’s only by evaluating and acting on your feedback that, we’re able to deliver outstanding best business practices that fully satisfies “YOUR” needs.

Our workforce consists of highly skilled and experienced military veterans, experts, and season professionals, all with active security clearances. Our professional service comes with constant and deliberate commitment of ethical performance and integrity. We are obligated Security professionals, dedicated in delivering innovating best-value services and solutions. Providing customers, clients, and industry partners the experience, flexibility, and diversity of assessing advancing technologies of yesterday…into today’s secure Cyber Science and Cloud Computing environments.

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As a trusted partner, we are dedicated leaders in everything we do, readily available resources, delivering sustainable Cyber Security support services that fully satisfies “YOUR” needs!

Main services

Cybersecurity Governance

Designing user-friendly and
easy-to-follow interfaces.

Risk Management Framework and Compliance

Providing users with the extensive
experience of working on mobile
projects on the go.

Cross Domain Solutions Security

Creating engaging stories that are
both interactive and effective.

Software and Application Security

Providing 24/7 assistance without any hidden fees.

Professional teams

1). Cybersecurity Advisors:

Providing technical expertise on executive level project teams and applies advanced technical principles, theories, concepts and alternatives to exceptionally complex Cybersecurity problems and processes relating to the subject matter. Leverages advanced analytics experience and knowledge of Cloud computing technologies, computer science, and other cutting edge technologies.

2). Program Managers (PM):

PMs are responsible for managing program scope, schedule, budget and risk. Develops program documentation, schedules, financial reports, and risk management documentation. Prepare charts, tables, graphs and diagrams to assist customers in analyzing and effectively presenting information.

3). Information Security System Engineers (ISSEs):

Security Engineers, also known as Security Control Assessors (SCA) are key contributors in completing comprehensive IV&Vs and self-assessments. Identify and executes security standards, creates BOE’s, reports, and key authorization artifacts. Ensures milestones are appropriately scheduled and achieved within accepted parameters. Develops and design security solutions to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Information transmitted, stored, and processed throughout your Enterprise computing environments.

4). Information System Security Managers (ISSM):

Technical advisors to AOs and leadership staff. Are primarily responsible for maintaining the overall security posture of the systems within the computing environments. Accountable for the implementation of Cybersecurity and RMF A&A activities.

Research and Development

D &A Technologies, Government Solutions strives to become a cutting edge Cyber security innovator and researcher. We understand the important role innovation and research play in providing effective Cybersecurity and Risk Management solutions. We employ a team of highly qualified Cybersecurity Subject Matter Experts (SME), professionally providing qualitative and quantitative research & development support services.

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